Top 3 Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Between my husband and I, we’ve collectively moved ten times since 2015, so I’m fairly comfortable making the claim that we have this whole moving thing down to a science. With this being said, pregnancy massively changes things.


We Got Married… Now What?

Getting married is one of the most exciting events of a person’s life. It’s a profound moment and one that I’ll never forget. But when it’s all over, then comes the big question— what’s next?

It is what it is

If you know me in person, you know that I say this all the time. I even have a bracelet that says it. It’s my daily mantra and reminder to let things be as they are. But what happens when you don’t like how things are??

The Struggle Is Real.

If, when addressed on a 1:1 basis, we think it’s a good idea to talk about the fact that we’re struggling, why is it so taboo to speak about it more publicly?