Top 3 Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Between my husband and I, we’ve collectively moved ten times since 2015, so I’m fairly comfortable making the claim that we have this whole moving thing down to a science. With this being said, pregnancy massively changes things.

You’re not allowed to lift much- not more than 25lbs, according to my Ob/Gyn, which rules out almost all furniture and most boxes. You could be tired, nauseous, or have one of so many other wild pregnancy symptoms that prohibits you from getting everything done that you’d like to do. And ultimately, nobody will let you do anything anyway, which can make you feel completely useless to the moving process.

So after moving twice while pregnant in the last six months, first from New Jersey to New Hampshire and then from our New Hampshire apartment into our house, here’s my best advice:

1- Rest. I know this is a complete no-brainer and everyone else in your life is probably telling you the same thing, they’re right. Nobody is expecting you to do much anyway, so why not take advantage? If your moving support is anything like mine, they’ll be happier to see you sitting down with some ice water and your feet up than trying to help.

2- Ignore all rules of fashion. This is a day for sneakers and your biggest, oldest t shirt, paired with your favorite pregnancy-friendly leggings or shorts. Seriously, don’t even try to look good. Moving is hard work and you will very likely be sweaty and gross, even if you’re not actually the one moving things, so lean into it and be as comfortable as possible.

3- Find some way you can be helpful, if you must. The hardest part for me in the process of moving while pregnant was feeling like I couldn’t do anything to help. Every time I’ve had to move in the past, I’ve always been the first one to step up and lift my end of a couch or carry boxes to the truck. I needed to come up with some way to keep from feeling totally useless, so these are a few things I came up with:

  • Bubble-wrap fragile items like plates, glasses, etc.
  • Pack boxes
  • Take down artwork and put it up again in your new place
  • Disassemble/reassemble furniture
  • Take care of the dog (or cat, fish, turtle, octopus, etc.) – keep the pets out of the way
  • Take care of your movers- keep them well hydrated and fed
  • Hold doors open
  • Supervise! – channel your inner interior designer and tell people where to put your furniture

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